The ‘how to’s’ of world-building

We read stories to become lost in new and unexplored worlds, ones filled with possibilities, mysteries, and oddities. The world in which a story is set is important to any tale, particularly so when it comes to science fiction and fantasy.


The ‘dreaded’ passive voice

The passive voice was something of a mystery to me when I first began writing. Once I learned about it, panic consumed me like realising I'd not locked the front door while boarding a plane. Everything I'd written up to that point was riddled with it, dripping from sentences like phlegm.

You can now follow on Twitter!

Hello all, I hope you're well. The weekend is nearly upon us and we can all sigh with relief. A few people have enquired about social media profiles, so I've set up a dedicated Twitter account for anyone that's interested. As well as posting updates, I'll try and share some helpful creative writing articles… Continue reading You can now follow on Twitter!

Character: a few useful tools

This week I’m sharing with you my notes on character. This isn’t an exhaustive guide, just a few helpful things I’ve picked up along the way.   It’s not an easy skill to come up with interesting characters. Some are conjured using aspects of the writer’s personality. Some are the antithesis of the writer. Some… Continue reading Character: a few useful tools