Writing Orwellian prose

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Some good news!

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7 tips to help with editing

For some writers editing is the most loathsome part of the process. For others it’s their favourite. Yet undoubtedly it’s the most important, and given the rise in popularity of self-publishing, it’s more crucial than ever to know how to edit your work.

A guide to writing fight scenes

On social media, forums and Reddit of late I've seen quite a few people asking about writing fight scenes. So this week, with axes in hand, I thought we'd battle our way through it.

7 tips to improve as a writer

Before I started writing fiction most of what I wrote was academic through studies and work. I've learned many harsh lessons which I'm sharing with you through this blog. This week I thought I'd share how I came to learn those lessons. Some you'll probably be sick to death of hearing, others you may not have heard before.

Keep going

Inspiring words! Just what I needed.

Cristian Mihai

“Don’t give up. Keep going. there is always a chance that you stumble onto something terrific. I have never heard of anyone stumbling over anything while he was sitting down” – Ann Landers

Life is quite unpredictable. It’s just how it is. And we are always trying to be so damn certain about things. But certainty is stagnation, and stagnation is death.

You have to keep going, keep moving, keep progressing.

There’s no perfection. Only progress.

There’s no right or wrong. Only wrong and slightly less wrong.

Keep going.

Keep learning.

Keep striving for more.

There’s so much knowledge, so much beauty to experience, so much to do and try and taste and drink.

Live the life you imagine, because it will all be over soon.

There’s no time for anything other than that.

There really isn’t.

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The power of sensory writing

Merely communicating how something looks or sounds isn't enough to bring a story to life. Many people experience things through smells, touch, taste. In fact, these oft forgotten senses are some of the most powerful forms of description, things which can enrich a story and give it life.