A fantasy writer’s guide to … medieval weaponry

This week we conclude our tour through medieval history with a glance at the weird and wonderful world of weaponry. This is not a comprehensive guide—I'm sure some of you will be annoyed I've left out your favourites—but rather a look at some of the lesser known yet effective weapons.


The General: update (image)

Today my sister's boyfriend, Mark Vernall, showed me his work in progress for the front cover of The General and The Visitor, two short stories by myself and good friend Mark Brooks.  Mind blown. This man has some fucking talent. Let me know what you think! The stories are due for release on 29th September… Continue reading The General: update (image)

A fantasy writer’s guide to armour

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A fantasy writer’s guide to … medieval archery

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Viewpoint, tense, and narrative distance

This week I’m taking us on a tour of something which gets taken for granted: viewpoint. Viewpoint, in a nutshell, is the perspective through which your story is told, the eyes observing what happens. Most would say there are three types of viewpoint, but to make things easier I’m going to say there’s four. Bear… Continue reading Viewpoint, tense, and narrative distance