Table of Fantasy Publishers (short fiction)

I’ve had little joy with submissions of late, but as we all do I picked myself up and went out on the hunt for more publishers. I decided to make a note of all that I found and codify it into a table to share with you folks.

A big thank you goes out to, where much of this information can be accessed.

Before we get to the nitty gritty, here’s a bit of a glossary:

Pro: A status afforded by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America organization. Payment made for all accepted submissions.

Semi pro: Payments awarded for accepted submissions, though lacking the ‘pro’ status.

Token: A magazine that offers a ‘token’ in exchange for accepted submissions, for example a free copy of their issue.

Paid: A magazine that pays for accepted submissions but lacking the ‘pro’ status.

Non-payment: A magazine that does not offer anything for accepted submissions, save a well-deserved pat on the back.

Sim subs: Simultaneous submissions (or sim subs for short) refers to whether or not you can send the same story to more than one publisher.

So here’s a non-exhaustive list of publishers of short fantasy fiction. If you know of any others, please send me the details and I’ll add them to this ever-growing list. If you’d like an excel version of this table just drop me an email.


Name Status Word limit Turnaround Sim. Subs.
Abyss & Apex Pro 10,000 Not stated No
Albedo Token 8,000 2 to 4 months No
Apex Magazine Pro 7,500 30 days No
Beneath Ceaseless Skies Pro 14,000 2 to 4 weeks Yes
Clarkesworld Pro 16,000 2 days No
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Semi pro 10,000 60 days Not stated
Fantasy Scroll Magazine Paid 5,000 60 days Yes
Holdfast Magazine Token 4,000 Not stated Not stated
Inter Galactic Medicine Show Pro 17,000 Not stated No
Lightspeed Paid 10,000 2 weeks No
The Magazine of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Pro 25,000 8 weeks No
On Spec Semi pro 6,000 Not stated Not stated
Pod Castle Paid 6,000 Not stated Yes
Shimmer Semi pro 7,500 2 weeks No
Strange Horizons Paid 10,000 4 weeks No
Uncanny Magazine Paid 6,000 30 days No
Fireside Magazine Paid 4,000 30 days No
Aurealis Semi pro 8,000 2 months No
Glittership Semi pro 6,000 Not stated Yes
Helios Quarterly Semi pro 1,500 5 to 8 weeks Yes
Selene Quarterly Semi pro 1,500 5 to 8 weeks Yes
Aurora Wolf Token 5,000 30 days No
Strange Constellations Token 7,500 30 days Yes
Mithila Review Token 8,000 2 weeks Not stated
Kzine Token 8,000 30 days Not stated
Giganotosaurus Token 25,000 30 days No
Aliterate Pro 8,000 28 days No
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores Pro 1,000+ 12 weeks No
Gamut Magazine Pro 5,000 Not stated Yes
Aphelion Webzine Non-payment 7,500+ 2 months No
Cirsova Semi pro 7,500 Not stated No
Crimson Streets Paid 6,000 Not stated Not stated
Electric Spec Paid 7,000 30 days Yes
Expanded Horizons Paid 6,000 30 days Yes
Gathering Storm Magazine Paid 2,000 15 days Not stated
Kaleidotrope Paid 10,000 3 months No
Lackingtons Paid 5,000 60 days No
Leading Edge Magazine Paid 10,000 A few months Not stated
Longshot Island Paid 5,000 Not stated Yes
Metaphorosis Magazine Paid 10,000 1 week Yes
Mythic Delirium Paid 4,000 Not stated No
New Myths Paid 10,000 90 days No
Golden Fleece Press Paid 5,000 Not stated Not stated
Sockdolager Paid 5,000 2 weeks No
Space and Time Magazine Paid 7,500 4 weeks No
SQ Mag Paid 5,000 8 weeks No
Tall Tale TV Non-payment 3,000 A few days Not stated